Project notes ERASMUS+ The journal of events

 Democratic debates – the modernity of tradition

 Liceul Teologic Ortodox ,,Nicolae Steinhardt” is a vocational school, covering a wide range of subjects and educational domains which, through its taught objects, the up to date directions and point of interests of any modern educational system, depicts an academic profile, suitable for the needs of a modern society in constant evolution. Starting from the premise that there is a direct transfer between the current social reality and any educational system, we consider that this type of relation between all the involved beneficiaries represents the motivation for which our school has managed to implement the ERASMUS + Project “Democracy Lessons: Let`s debate like in the European Parliament”. The participants, from the three countries, under our school`s coordination, develop specific activities within the project.

The journal of events – Romania – 2017

The first meeting of the project took place in Romania, the host being the Liceul Teologic Ortodox ,,Nicolae Steinhardt”. This was a mobility dedicated to the teachers from the partner schools: Colegio San Isidoro from Granada, Spain; GöynükOrtaokulu from Afyonkarahisar, Turcia;  Secondary School HristoBotev from Archar, Bulgaria, having the aim to agree upon the details concerning the future unfolding of the project: the future locations, the number of participants, the debate themes, Liceul Teologic Ortodox ,,Nicolae Steinhardt”  bringing into discussion the oportunity to have a debate in the highest representative court – the European Parliament. At the same time, as a proof of knowledge and recognition towards the principles and cultural and educational values of the 4 participant countries, a study visit was organized, including visits to the Karolyi Castle in Carei, the school in Certeze and the Dacic Furnaces from Medies. The certificates were awarded in a festive setting (demonstration of Romanian traditions, with the involvement of our partner schools) at the History Museum of the Satu Mare County. From the position of being the coordinating school, Liceul Teologic Ortodox ,,Nicolae Steinhardt” has organizes a model of debate, on the theme “The mass media influence upon the students”. The location of the debate has been offered by the Prefect`s Office, as being the representative court of debate in the county of Satu Mare.

Spain – March 2018

The second meeting took place at Colegio San Isidoro, in Granada, Spain, being, also, a teachers only mobility. The debate theme, which was previously agreed upon, was the refugee’s problem, a high interest issue in the European space, which proves the close connections between the themes of the debates and the problems they arise. The visit at the historical site ALHAMBRA represented a mean of cultural networking. The participants in the meeting had the opportunity to discover the multitude of specific cultural influences to which the area of Granada was subject of and the way they have unitary embodied to form a multicultural and multiethnic community.

Bulgaria – May 2018

In the 04-08.06.2018 week, a team of five students and 2 teachers from Liceul Teologic Ortodox ,,Nicolae Steinhardt”  have taken part in the mobility organized by the Bulgarian partner, in the Secondary School HristoBotev from Archar. The teachers and students from all the four partner schools have met with great enthusiasm and curiosity, establishing close friendships. The third meeting of the project had as debate themes “Gender Equality” and “Women`s Rights”. The students, in teams of five from each country, have been involved in the debates, asking questions on the mentioned subjects. The for and against discussions were very animated but considered the traditions and religious beliefs of each of the four countries. From our school, after a serious selection, involving the level of using and knowledge of English, the appointed students were BorDenisa, Vezentan Andreea, Oșan Ionela, Alec Mihai and Ardelean Tudor, accompanied by their teachersTegher Gina and Varga Ovidiu. We have taken part in the activities organized by the host school, during which the students have socialized, being involved in classes, sports competitions awarded with prizes and cups, and a traditional dance. We have enjoyed the tourist attractions and the beauty of nature by visiting the “Baba Vida” Fortresses in Vidin, and at the same time the rocks and the Citadel of Belogradchik and the Venetsa cave. Apart from the working sessions, the Bulgarian school has set up activities promoting interculturality through a short performance of folk songs and dances. The emotional baggage was enriched by the knowledge one with which each delegated team has returned to their home countries. These activities are a real chance for the direct and indirect beneficiaries to have a different and much wider perspective regarding the problems of the contemporary world: democracy, discrimination, civic involvement, encouraging the tolerance towards different cultures and traditions.

Strasbourg, France – October 2018

Half way through the project, as a follow up of the previously decided upon activities, the meeting took place in Strasbourg, where a plenary session was ongoing in the European Parliament. According to the title and the general theme of the project “Democracy Lessons: Let`s Debate Like in the European Parliament”, the importance of the participants` presence in the highest court of debates inside the European Union was decisive. The participants had a meeting with the vice-president of the European Parliament, Ioan Mircea Pascu where issues connected to the democratic principles of functioning and debate inside this institution were discussed. The ERASMUS +  delegation has assisted, over the two days, to the debates in the European Parliament plenary sessions. At the work meeting of the participants an analysis was made, discussing the accomplished objectives at the midway of the project and the directions to follow until the end of the project were decided upon. The Romanian Consulate in Strasbourg was the host of the ERASMUS + certificate award ceremony in an official setting. As sign of appreciation according to the cultural and educational span and opening of the project, the officials of the Consulate have awarded the participation certificates to each delegated team.

Romania – November 2018

The meeting that marks the start of the second half of the ERSAMUS + project “Democracy Lessons: Let`s debate like in the European Parliament” was center around the debate with the subject  “EDUCATION  – A RIGHT OR A DUTY”. The teams of teachers from all the three collaborating countries, under our school`s coordination, have developed diverse activities, ranging from meetings and discussion sessions based on the project or the analysis of the future activities, to work visits and workshops with our local partners. The teachers and students have assisted in open classes presented by our school`s teachers, have taken part in the “Autumn Ball” organized by the Students` Council of LTOR and have visited the traditional area of the Maramures to experience a direct contact with specific Romanian traditional elements. During the debate on the theme of education, the students have discussed aspects that are up to date and closely related to their personal experience, this being a subject which concerns and affects them directly from the position of beneficiaries of the educational process. The week spent together was another example of sustained team work, offered by the teachers and students as well, of their efforts focusing around our joint project`s theme and requirements.